The Dream of a Perfect Beach Experience

Our Mission

BeachGoin was founded with a simple but strong belief: Quality time spent by the sea is one of the most special moments of life. Therefore, it must be perfect in every sense. This is our mission.

We aim to transform the beach experience into a perfect work of art with a guest-oriented and innovative approach, an experience that enriches the soul and enables us to establish real bonds with nature and our loved ones.

Where you feel "pampered" by exceeding your expectations at every visit, where it is effortless and hassle-free, where all the details are shaped according to your preferences for your comfort and pleasure...

It is possible to fully enjoy the sea, the sun and nature with our loved ones, not only for us, but also for future generations.


Our commitment

Our commitment is to offer you a carefully selected collection of exclusive beaches and hotels, prioritizing diversity, quality, transparency and sustainability.

Developing innovative solutions for your comfort and enabling a privileged experience with flexible access opportunities; Moreover, to provide you with all this at no additional cost and by guaranteeing the best value.

Our story

For our founder Furkan Öcal, who leads a busy business life in the chaos of Istanbul, the holidays he spent in Bodrum and Çeşme beaches were a precious escape, the reward of all his efforts. However, he realized that he was wasting his short and valuable time unnecessarily trying to find and book the right venues. Choices made with insufficient information and bad surprises could sometimes spoil a perfect moment. “While I can book my flight, hotel and everything online, why can't I book the beaches I want to go to? "If I'm on holiday, everything should be effortless and my mind should be at ease," he thought.

When he settled in Bodrum with his family, he saw that the problems he faced were not only personal issues, but also that those who lived and had summer houses in Bodrum could not fully live the beach life they dreamed of. Bodrum's postcard beaches were full of access barriers, high prices, and a daily spending perspective rather than a guest-centered one, especially in the high season. There was no solution for those who wanted to meet the sea constantly, not just a few days a year.

Realizing these common partner problems was a turning point for Furkan. Using his expertise in digital and customer-focused transformations and joining forces with his old friend, serial entrepreneur Burak Tanlak, he embarked on a mission to redefine the beach experience, starting with Bodrum. BeachGoin was born as more than just a solution, it was a transformative force. To be a platform that aims to bridge the gap between dream and today's beach experience, making every visit personalized, effortless and rewarding, to take the magic of Bodrum to the next level.

Come join us

Join us at BeachGoin and be a part of the story that turns every beach visit into a unique experience.
Let's write unforgettable and worth mentioning stories together.

Our Founders

Furkan Öcal

In his international strategy and management consultancy career, he specialized in areas such as digital transformation strategies, customer value and experience management, service development and pricing, and payment systems.

Furkan, who started his career as a CRM innovation analyst in the USA in 2003, worked in management consultancy and leadership positions in international companies in New York and Istanbul. He provided strategy consultancy to senior managers of more than 30 leading institutions such as Visa, Yapı Kredi, Garanti, Türk Telekom and Migros in Turkey and more than 10 countries. He successfully sold his own company, Cluster Alliance, which he founded in 2009, to Italian Business Integration Partners and settled in Bodrum, which was his dream in 2017.

Graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MBA, METU Mechanical Engineering and TED Ankara College. He lives in Yokuşbaşı with his wife and daughter.

His passions include his family, sea, innovation, artificial intelligence and Bodrum.

Burak Tanlak

As a serial entrepreneur, he created innovative solutions and founded teams and companies that increased efficiency and added small joys to life.

He started in 2004 by establishing Organic Group, which offers nature-friendly, high-tech solutions for the agricultural sector. Subsequently, he pioneered the development of qualified products by developing completely natural and healthy food products, which were the first in Turkey, and marketing them in chains such as Macro Center and Carrefour. It offered little happiness to children with harmless and fun cosmetic products developed in cooperation with Disney. It enabled the development of personalized products by establishing 3D Print Farms.

Graduate of Koç University MBA, ITU Environmental Engineering and Nişantaşı Anatolian High School.

Animals, gastronomy, technology, artificial intelligence and Bodrum are the areas that Burak is passionate about.