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As the marketing and technology business partner of leading beach, hotel and resort businesses, we ensure that you realize the true value of each guest beyond bringing in new guests.

The platform that brings valuable guests together with the best businesses.

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Appear in front of 2 million+ people and take your place among the best.

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Gain brand new guests, create new regulars, ensure occupancy during low seasons and hours.

Increase Your Account Average

Attract high-value guests, encourage consumption, and increase your profits with cross- and up-selling.

Get Lump Sum Payment from the Start

With our innovative packages and memberships, you can meet the regular usage needs of guests who live or have a summer house in Bodrum.

In this way, you create new regulars, consolidate the rest and entertainment budgets yourself, and even receive the full payment from the beginning.

Market All Your Services

Not just beach use, dinner, night entertainment, even breakfast, spa, aquapark…

You can market all your services and offers, excluding accommodation, on a single platform and increase your income through cross and up-selling.

7/24 And 5 in language

The complete set that works for you Marketing and Technology Solution



Promote for free

Open new sales channels

Get brand new guests


Comprehensive Profile and Search

Introduce your business fully

Offer all your services

Let those looking for you find you


Online Booking & Payment

Never miss a booking

Collect upfront

Eliminate no-shows


Account-Membership Management

Turn your guests into regulars

Consolidate your budgets yourself

Make the full collection from the beginning



Value & Loyalty Management

Cross and upsell

Encourage more spending

Fill empty capacity with campaigns


Experience Management

End-to-end 24/7 guest service

Artificial intelligence supported processes

Full automation of guest interactions

Zero Risk

0 TL investment fee
0 TL monthly/annual fee
no commitment

Easy setup

Installation in hours
Easy operation with only 3 people
Training, Consultancy. 24/7 support

You are in control

Products, offers, capacity
Reservation hours
Guest acceptance criteria

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